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Amiga is Shelly Harrison's bionic arm with an AI which she customized to have a more feminine voice than the default one. Amiga was made from technology researched by Jadus Heskel.

It can transform to fire a number of different weapons, and can detach and move independently from Shelly's body. It can also conduct research and access GDF information, even in the middle of a fight.

In the final fight against Heskel, Amiga was impaled in the section joining it with Shelly's shoulder.

Official Bombshell profile[edit | edit source]

Amiga is an A.I. housed within a sophisticated prosthetic arm. Capable of both self-repair and the ability to transform into an as-of-yet-unknown number of weapons, Amiga and her various abilities can be used to annihilate enemies, find secrets and solve complex puzzles.

Beyond its physical form, Amiga is programmed to act as a companion computer. She assists in combat operations, intel retrieval, communications and operates the arm's Sentry mode, which allows it to detach from its user and operate as an independent machine.

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Super Best Friends.jpg Super Best Friends Killed 50 enemies with Amiga
With a little help.jpg With a little help Used Amiga to find a secret area