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About the games
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Bombshell is a third-person shooter video game by Interceptor Entertainment (today Slipgate Ironworks) released in 2016, and running on Unreal Engine 3. It features 3D Realms' Shelly Harrison as its protagonist. This bomb expert turned mercenary is on a mission to save President Aurora Skye who was kidnapped by aliens, and seek revenge on Jadus Heskel. Shelly's bionic arm, affectionately named Amiga, can transform to different weapons, and even detach from Shelly's body and move around independently.



Ion Fury (originally announced as Ion Maiden) is a first-person shooter video game released by Voidpoint in 2019. It is based on the EDuke32 source port of the Build engine and is a prequel to Bombshell. Set in the year 2097, Ion Fury features Shelly early in her career with the Global Defense Force, right at the start of an incursion by a cybernetic cult.

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