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EDuke32 is a source port of the Build engine. It was created by community leader Richard "TerminX" Gobeille and a team of programmers including Pierre-Loup "Plagman" Griffais, Philipp "Helixhorned" Kutin, and Evan "Hendricks266" Ramos. It was originally meant to run Duke Nukem 3D with certain improvements, and was later used as the technological core of the 2019 game Ion Fury. All the technological improvements made during the development of Ion Maiden will eventually be pushed to the open source version of the engine.

The most notable improvements over the original Build engine as used in Duke Nukem 3D include support for modern resolutions, full mouselook support, compatibility and stability fixes (including those relating to memory management), multiple new renderers, a fully functional console, enhanced scripting support, and Ogg Vorbis support.

EDuke32 is available for Windows, macOS X, and Linux, and is licensed under the GNU GPL and the BUILD license.

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