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Jadus Heskel
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Ion Fury

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Jon St. John

Professor Jadus Heskel is a the main antagonist in Bombshell and Ion Fury.

He was a cybernetics scientist whose experiments were successful, but deemed by authorities to be dangerous. At some point in his career, he offered cybernetic enhancements to the general populace to supposedly aid them in their troubles, as seen in the posters and advertisements in a clinic shown in the Ion Fury mission Institutionalized.

Having his work discarded despite his claim that the Global Defense Force funded it, he separated from society continuing to cybernetically augment humans, including himself. Whether his cult is related to clinics like the already mentioned one is not entirely clear, but such facilities were equipped to assemble full body parts of skinjobs.

Heskel planted an explosive device in his own institute, resulting in the Washington Incident. Some time later, he allied with a hostile alien race known as the Kyrr to dominate the universe. By this time, very little of his humanity remained, having been transformed to a flying cyborg not unlike a deacon, but with his sadistic personality intact.

He is voiced by Jon St. John.

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